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Welcome to Burger Funs!

For over a decade our company has been providing the biggest fast-food networks all over the world with the highest quality beef burgers. We cooperate with such monsters of the industry as Dairy Queen (USA, Canada, Mexico), Shake Shack (USA), Chur Burger (Australia), Burgermine (South Korea), MOS Burger (Japan), as well as with smaller burger places, hotels and deliveries around the globe.

Whether you are willing to serve tasty dinners at your family restaurant, have a juicy cheeseburger at your lunch break or arrange regular food deliveries at your working place – Burger Funs is a perfect place to start with!

We Praise the Quality

We can assure you that we use only fresh, natural and proven ingredients of our own production. Non-GMO, gluten-free, no flavor enhancers or preservatives. We always guarantee our customers the highest quality.

Our production line is subject to regular mandatory inspections and it passes all the necessary certification processes, year in year out. We know that openness and mutual trust are the key factors to our global success.

Softest Buns

Our flavorful buns are made only from high-grade flour and baked according to a time-proven recipe.

Juicy Burgers

Delicate burgers made from never-frozen meat, in compliance with all the necessary technologies.

Fresh Veggies

We prefer to grow our green goods ourselves, and use them in our burgers straight from the garden.

Our investments offer

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115 %


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15 USD - 30000 USD


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170 %


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15 USD - 30000 USD


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220 %


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15 USD - 30000 USD


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580 %


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15 USD - 30000 USD


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1st Level Referral Bonus

Invite your friends and colleagues using your referral link and get tasty bonuses from each new deposit.

2nd Level Referral Bonus

If your invited partners bring more people to join our program, you will receive bonuses from their investments too.

3rd Level Referral Bonus

Our well-thought-out bonus program allows you to have a stable passive income from up to 3 referral levels.


We provide best service for our clients

Safe Withdrawals

Our financial department monitors every payment 24/7 and manually approves money withdrawals, in order to prevent any malicious activities.

Reliable Protection

SSL encryption protocol and the strongest DDoS protection solutions ensure the safety of all user data and stability of our website’s operation.

Personal Cabinet

Our team of professional web-developers is doing its best to provide our clients with the smoothest user experience: register and see it for yourself!

Global Company

No matter where you live, you can still take part in our international business from any part of the world – there are no boundaries for burgers!

Official Burger Funs company registration

We truly value the trust of our partners and investors, which is why each and every Burger Funs client can easily check the absolute legality of our company’s business. We provide all the necessary information, including the Certificate of Incorporation and our legal company number, which you can use to check the official documents at Companies House website by clicking on the link below.

Burger Funs LTD is registered in the United Kingdom under the company number 11907161. Business activities of the company are protected by the law of England and Wales. Our head office address is 60 Denman Drive South, London, England, NW11 6RH.

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